Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

The Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II is supported by Cascable for iOS, Cascable Pro Webcam, and Cascable Transfer.

Cascable for iOS


Cascable Pro Webcam


Cascable Transfer


Cascable for iOS: Additional Details

This camera is supported via WiFi by Cascable for iOS version 2.4.1 or higher.

When using this camera with Cascable for iOS, the following features are generally supported by this camera model:

Remote Control & Automation

Control shooting manually or automate it via Shutter Robot.

Tethered Shooting

Shoot using the camera's on-body controls while connected.

Live View

See the camera's viewfinder stream in the app.

Photo Review

Automatically display images as they're shot.

Storage Access

Browse your camera's storage, previewing and copying images.

RAW Images

Access and work with RAW images from the camera.

Important: This table is a general overview — exact behaviour and features vary in minor ways between camera models. Our apps have free trials to let you evaluate that everything works as you need before buying.

General Usage Notes

RAW files from this camera require iOS 10.3 or higher for full support.

If you are using both SD card slots and your camera's Stills Save Setting is set to Dual Independent or Dual Same, Cascable can only access the images in slot 1. Otherwise, Cascable can only access the images in the slot chosen in the camera's Stills Save Slot setting. Your camera's slot settings are in Menu → Custom Menu (Gear) → H1 → Card Slot Settings, or the Super Control Panel (SCP).

Olympus cameras are particularly sensitive to interference from Bluetooth. If you experience an unreliable connection, try turning off Bluetooth in your iOS device's Settings app.